Dietary Needs

As delicious as my desserts are, I understand some individuals are unable to eat them due to certain dietary restrictions. If you are interested in something, please contact me and ask! I can also accommodate allergies, such as nuts, as well. Please let me know if an allergy or other medical reason is involved.

Many of my recipes can be gluten-free (without being flour-less), dairy-free, and vegetarian. There are some recipes that can also be low-sugar or even sugar-free (using sugar substitutes like Splenda or Maltitol). Some of my desserts translate well to vegan, unfortunately, cakes and enriched bread items are not some of these so I do not do vegan cakes, cupcakes, or any items under my “Sweet Bread Items” tab. Please ask if there is any other recipe you are interested in and I will see if turning it vegan is something that can be accommodated. I have also begun working with Paleo-friendly desserts so, again, please ask and I’ll see if I can accommodate you.

As a friendly reminder, removing vital ingredients to baked goods, such as eggs, flour, sugar, and sometimes dairy, will change the flavor, look, and/or texture of the item. I can not guarantee these factors will be the same as the traditional recipe, when removing or substituting for these ingredients.