Chocolate Dipped Treats

CUSTOM DIPPED STRAWBERRIES: These cute creations are sold by the dozen and can make any party more interesting! They also make great additions to cakes, as decoration. Get regular dipped with a color of your choice in stripes, for $20.00 per dozen.

Want to get more creative? You can order tuxedo jackets, go crazy with a theme such as sport balls, or add things like sprinkles, crushed candy, or nuts! For weddings, you could also have them as bride and grooms. These are sold at $25.00 per dozen.

Below are some example photos of custom dipped strawberries.

Standard dipped strawberries

Example of sport ball dipped strawberries

Example 1 of tuxedo and bride strawberries

Example 2 of tuxedo and bride strawberries

CUSTOM DIPPED PRETZELS: These cute and tasty treats make for a great addition to any dessert table. They come dipped in chocolate and coated with crushed cookies, sprinkles, and/or nuts. For those with nut allergies, a substitution of crushed rock candy can be made. Below are some example photos.

Example of standard trio of dipped pretzels (color choice of sprinkles can be changed)

Example of dipped pretzels, including crushed rock candy for those with nut allergies. (color choice of crushed candy can be changed)

CUSTOM DIPPED BUCKEYES: These adorable confections are balls of peanut butter, dipped in either dark or white chocolate, leaving a small amount of peanut butter showing on top. They are not suitable for those with nut allergies!! They can be dipped in a regular coating of dark or white chocolate, for $20.00 per dozen.

If you wish to have them themed, similar to the strawberries, they are $25.00 per dozen. Below are some example photos of themed buckeyes.

Example of tuxedo and bride themed buckeyes

Example of graduation themed buckeyes