Custom Prices

To navigate through the different options, choose the sub-choice of dessert under the “Custom Prices” tab. Simply scroll your mouse over the tab and a drop down menu should appear. Smart phones should be able to navigate this through the “Menu” tab at the top of their page.

If you’re thinking of ordering a custom dessert, you’ve come to the right tab! Custom desserts are anything not listed on the Standard Prices tab and at least a 2 week notice is required.

If you don’t see something on the list of flavors, or want to combine flavors, just ask! I can make most flavors, so just because it isn’t listed here doesn’t mean I can’t do it.



I have no problems putting alcohol in any of my recipes. Some of them are vastly improved with the flavor! However, for a recipe that may have the alcohol literally soaked in it (such as a rum cake), I will require that the person purchasing it be over 21yrs of age.

Also, because alcohol can be a very costly ingredient, any recipe using it will $0.25 extra per cupcake/donut/cookie/muffin serving or $0.50 extra per cake/pie/tart serving.