Email or text are the best ways to reach me during the day. After 4pm, I can be reached by phone. If I am unavailable when you contact me I will contact you as soon as I am able and we can discuss any further details.

(anytime) Email: or through FaceBook’s Messenger app

(after 4pm) Phone: (760) 446-9362

For any basic order (not custom), go ahead and check out my “Standard Prices” page for a list of my usual recipes and prices that go with them.

For a custom order (an order not shown in my “Standard Prices” page) please try to have the following information handy for me:

  • The date and time you are looking to have your item(s) by.
  • If you require a delivery and the location to deliver to.
  • A general description of what you would like.
  • Sample/idea photos (optional).
  • Any other information you feel would be useful.

For custom desserts, I am only able to take a limited number of orders at each time. A 2 week notice is required, as well as a 50% deposit to confirm your order. If I am able to take a rush order of this type (less than 2 week notice), an extra 10% charge would be applied to the total. As much as I would love to take all orders, I reserve the right to refuse if my schedule is already booked.

Depending on my availability, I will deliver within the immediate Ridgecrest area at no extra charge, for most orders. For wedding cakes, or other multi-tiered cakes, I can still deliver and set up your custom dessert, but for a small fee. Again, still within the Ridgecrest area. If you choose to pick up your order, my liability ends when the item(s) leave my possession.

If anything happens to the item(s) before they are in your possession you will be given a full refund. If something happens to the item(s) after they are in your possession a refund will not be given, but you are welcome to contact me for advice on how to repair the problem.